Cino Grande V+

Our table-top machine is equipped with an intuitive touch panel, with graphic icons indicating each kind of drink. It offers up to 12 selections, and from 2 to 4 pre-selections. The machine is available in brown, white or black.

Hot drinks for every taste! laRhea Cino Grande V+ offers…

Two varieties of coffee: the classic bean for espresso-based drinks, and a mild, aromatic bean for milky coffee or a MoccaCino®. Plus a smart mix of both beans to create exclusive recipes. Just like a coffee shop!

Two brewing systems: freshly ground beans (two types), and a mix of instant coffee and other instant products to create a classic Italian cappuccino or a dense and creamy hot chocolate. .

Two drink sizes: the traditional cappuccino in a small cup, or the option to create larger takeaway drinks.

A dispenser that adapts to your cup The dispensing dock accepts mugs, glasses, small cups and takeaway cups. The height of the dispensing dock is 14 cm.

Drinks laRhea Cino Grande V+ can accommodate 4 product canisters with 2 mixing tanks and a coffee bean canister for Italian espresso, plus direct hot water for tea.

Because order makes life easier! laRhea Cino Grande V+ is compatible with all the Modul

Technical Description