Faster Ice GCD

Faster Ice GCD is the FAS vending machine designed for frozen products. It reaches an internal temperature of up to -20°C and is suitable for ice creams and other frozen products.

  • Vending machine for ice creams and other frozen products (-18 °C) with 90 mm internal insulation 480×272 pixel graphic display with personalised options for slideshows or additional information (e.g. ingredients and nutritional values)
  • Optimised product display thanks to the broad glass panel
  • Stores products at -12 °C for up to 1 hour in the event of a power shortage
  • Sliding door to prevent warm air from entering when removing a product
  • Anti-frost cooling unit system for rapid defrosting
  • Spiral dispenser for increased versatility
  • Slide-in slide-out cooling system
  • Rielda RS1 locking device
  • Maximum capacity of 5 drawers with a maximum of 5 spirals per drawer
  • Programming, cloning and audit functions with standard USB Pen Drive
  • 32 bit electronics with USB 2.0 HOST
  • Power-LED energy saving lighting
  • Illuminated keypad
  • Reflective photocell recognition

Technical Description