Refresh Tivoli 270

Style, performance and design.  Its elegant, stainless steel cabinet, just 24 cm wide, puts this cooler above the rest.  Ideal for use in the home, executive offices and cafeterias.  Optional supporting cabinet in a coordinated design.


  • The Tivoli 270 Plex can automatically dispense ambient, cold and sparkling water.  Choose up to two pre-set dispensing quantities. Select quantity by pressing the button once or twice;
  • The Tivoli 270 Plex is simple to install and requires absolutely minimal attention.  The exclusive Zerica design does away with the need to fill tanks, check levels and carry out periodic maintenance on recirculation pumps;
  • The Silver Turbo Clean system generates a vortex of water on the walls that prevents biofilm formation.  The sealed stainless steel cooling chamber Is welded together using silver, a material well known for its antibacterial properties;
  • The patented carbonation system has double the CO2 delivery capacity;
  • The Tivoli 270 Plex comes with a microprocessor that controls the anti-flood protection and overfill control systems.  It can also be used to activate a cleaning cycle for the dispensing nozzle;
  • The high-quality components used give maximum acoustic comfort at every stage of operation, including cooling and carbonation.

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