System Strong

The System “STRONG” is the top of the range Anti-vandalism for outdoor. The structure gives the possibility to recreate outdoor automated areas through the use of vending machines ensuring their total protection from both atmospheric agents that vandalism.
The System Strong with total covering is designed in modular form to wrap the armored vending machines by means of containing Boxes. On the top of the VMs, the system is provided with different signs to identify the different line of products sold.The system provides advertising panels to show the products.

Technical characteristics:

  • Vandal-proof structure with total covering.
  • The structure consist in aluminum columns which are extruded and, when locked together, form rigid, load bearing columns. The covering is made of 15/10 mm zinc-coated steel panels provided with anti graffiti treatments and Anti dust epoxy paint.
  • The machines are fixed, inside the structure, in raised platforms in steel that are fixed to the structure and then to the floor.
  • No hinge, screw or bolt is visible from the outside, all the structure is locked from inside to make the composition more hermetic.
  • Nuts and bolts in stainless steel.
  • The structure includes signs on the top of the vending machines.
  • Structure treated with anti-grafiti paint.


• Ceiling in polycarbonate
• LED lighting solutions
• Furniture for separate waste collection combined with other structure
• Advertising panel on the back of the system and on the lateral panels
• Flag signs
• Couple of lateral panels windproof