Zerica Futura (Ambient / Chilled / Sparkling) Water Dispenser

• microprocessor with LED alarm to monitor unit’s efciency (dispensing times and months of operation) • stainless steel outer
casing • professional stainless steel carbonator with CO2 regulator (Mod. 90) • head for lter cartridge • lter cartridge • CO2
reducer for single-use bottle (Mod. 90) • cup-holder
• Single-use CO2 bottle (Mod. 90) • kit for connection to a cooler bottle to be independent of mains water


The most comprehensive system on the market
Simply put, in the point-of-use sector the Futura range
is a revolution / revelation in a high specication, highly
compact, stainless steel package. The Futura range dispenses cold, sparkling and ambient water and
comes complete with cup-holder. Ideal for ofces and
with its elegant lines blends smoothly into any setting.
A practically maintenance-free system
The Futura is really quick to install. Zerica’s unique
patented cooling system has no tank or oat so it
has none of the maintenance issues traditionally
connected with these features. The sealed stainless
steel refrigeration chamber Is welded together using
silver, a material well known for its antibacterial
properties. It also uses the exclusive Silver Turbo
Clean system which generates a water vortex on
the internal walls whenever water is dispensed so
preventing biolm formation.
Futura is the ideal choice if you’re looking for excellent
quality, compactness and design.
Simply the smallest cooler on the market
One of the many records broken by this range is
clearly its size: only 25 centimetres wide and 17.5
In such a compact space, no other water-cooler
system is able to offer a refrigeration unit, water lter,
professional carbonator with CO2 canister (Mod. 90)
plus plastic cup dispenser
Ergonomically designed for all uses
At 106 cm from the ground, the water outlet is
positioned at an ergonomically ideal average height.
This cooler can even be wall mounted to facilitate oor
cleaning. The 29 cm high dispensing compartment
can accommodate both glasses and carafes.
Even in particularly hot environments
Zerica’s exclusive Sahara Clima system, used on all
of these coolers, allows them to operate perfectly
even with external temperatures of up to 43oC. The
ideal choice for hotter climates.